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Release der Version 7.1 am Wochenende

Nun ist es soweit: Unser Run zur Entwicklung von PubMan 7.1 biegt auf die Zielgerade ein.
[Jede Ähnlichkeit zu parallel stattfindenden internationalen Sportveranstaltungen sind rein zufällig]

Am morgigen Freitag, den 10. August möchten wir damit beginnen, die neue PubMan-Version auf dem MPG-Publikations-repositorium zu installieren. Deshalb werden wir das Repositorium morgen gegen 8 Uhr auf ein Read-Only System umschalten.
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Bugfix Release on Friday, April 1st

We are currently working on the final steps of a minor bugfix release following PubMan 6.2.
We are actually on schedule right now (!) and we plan to release the new version on the upcoming Friday, April 1st.

This means that there will be a short downtime of approximately one hour, starting at 3 p.m.
After the deployment of the new system, we will start a re-indexing procedure, because the release includes some improvements concerning the search.
The re-index is going to last about 24 hours. During this period, the search functionalities may not deliver correct results. All other PubMan features will be working unreservedly.

Good things come to those who wait!

It is done – the 6.1 release of PubMan finally is deployed and the system is completely functional again.

The new version includes a quite extensive set of new features and improvements as well as a far reaching update of the underlying core service.

Just to get an idea of the extent of efforts that were connected with this release, it might be interesting to take a look at the sheer number of modifications: Altogether we managed to implement 25 new features as well as 36 improvements and by the way we were able to fix no fewer than 185 Bugs.
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6.1 release by next week!

After months of intense preparations and testing, we are getting ready to finally complete the development of the long delayed and eagerly awaited PubMan release 6.1.

The planned deployment of the new version within the live system is expected to take two and a half days, starting on Tuesday, September 14 in the evening.

In order to prevent our users from not being able to access their data for more than two long days, we plan to set up a ‘read only’ system during that time. ‘Read only’ means, you will be able to access as well as search or browse within your items, but it will not be possible to enter new data until the deployment of the new version is finished.
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Successful Release 6.0

As announced, our long planned PubMan release is now finished and the system is running in usual parameters again. The new release comprised some quite complex and far reaching technical changes basically in the background of the System, which did not lead to any changes in the well known usage of the PubMan surface. This means that all modifications are of a pure technical kind and there will be no new features or functional changes the user should be aware of. Due to the complexity of the modifications it took us quite some time to make sure the system will continue to fit the demands of our users in a proper and reliable way.
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