6.1 release by next week!

After months of intense preparations and testing, we are getting ready to finally complete the development of the long delayed and eagerly awaited PubMan release 6.1.

The planned deployment of the new version within the live system is expected to take two and a half days, starting on Tuesday, September 14 in the evening.

In order to prevent our users from not being able to access their data for more than two long days, we plan to set up a ‘read only’ system during that time. ‘Read only’ means, you will be able to access as well as search or browse within your items, but it will not be possible to enter new data until the deployment of the new version is finished.

All data retrieved via REST interface on a regular basis will still be available and can be accessed as usual.

Unfortunately, we cannot entirely avoid a short downtime for preparations and the setup of the read only system.
Because of that, the server will not be available for at most two hours starting on Tuesday at 4 p.m.

read only system will be started on Tuesday after the downtime and it will stay on-line until the release is finished.
We expect PubMan to be fully operational again in the course of Friday afternoon

We hope that inconveniences thus can be kept within limits, for our users won’t have to face a total server downtime for a considerable period.