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Happy Migration MPI CE :)

The MPDL proudly presents the third successfully migrated institute on PubMan: The MPI for Chemical Ecology!

Together with Diana Mewes – the responsible person for the data migration at the institute – we developed an ICE-specific EndNote mapping  (which also greatly influenced the revision and improvement of our generic PubMan EndNote import)  and were finally able to migrate nearly 2000 datasets with more than 3000 fulltexts and supplementary material to PubMan.

We want to say thank you for the all time close and productive working togetherness and like to warmly welcome the MPI CE on PubMan!


Happy New Year 2010

A happy new year to all our PubMan users!

And the new year has already some good news in store:
By the end of 2009 we were able to complete the migration of our second institute – a warm welcome to the MPI for Gravitational Physics! The migration process was characterized by a close collaboration: The institute has been working consistently on their data so that the migration team of the MPDL was finally able to migrate more than 2300 datasets (a lot of them with fulltexts or supplementary material) from eDoc to PubMan. As of January the institute will begin with the submission of new publications of the ongoing year.

Looking ahead the next migration candidates are already in preparation for the productive use of PubMan. So we look forward to having a lively and successful cooperation with all interested institutes and wish you a good start into the new year!