Ready for the next version?

Currently the MPDL staff is heavily working on a new Release of PubMan (Version 6.1). The implementation of new features and the fixing of bugs detected by our users is now finished and we can go into the QA phase. In this phase the PubMan solution will be heavily tested and further bugs will be fixed.
Therefore we approached the final phase of the release cycle and you can experience the outcome of our efforts soon.

For the curious ones, here are some examples what you can expect in the next PubMan version:
– New ‚Browse‚ functionality (Browse by person, subject and year)
– Rework of our citation management (in close cooperation with pilot institutes)
– New functionality, ‚Rollback item version‘
– user enabled CoNE service

We will keep you up to date on the current PubMan activities in the MPDL!

PubMan on the CARPET catalogue

PubMan is now included in the CARPET catalogue of  electronic publishing software tools and services.

To support the efficient use of electronic tools and services for scientific publishing, the CARPET Project is building an information platform including a catalogue, as well as an ePublishing community,  to bring together developers, providers and users of ePublishing tools and services.

So, if this awoke your interest, feel free to visit the PubMan entry on CARPET, browse the catalogue for further useful tools or services, or even join the CARPET community!

CARPET homepage

Where PubMan lives

… did you know that the PubMan you know ( is not the only one of its kind?
Currently the MPG PubMan has three more siblings:

National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS), Tsukuba, Japan
Screen shot of the PubMan installation at NIMS

Geo-Forschungs-Zentrum (GFZ), Potsdam, Germany
Screen shot of the PubMan installation at GFZ

PEER Project Installation (
Screen shot of the PubMan installation for the PEER project

And we can benefit from all these other installations by
… getting feedback on experiences in using/installing PubMan
… hints on existing bugs
… ideas for new features
… and manpower for further development.

Additionally we get more and more feedback on our mailing lists from people who are currently installing PubMan for evaluation.