One Year of Migration

As the last days of 2011 are passing by quickly, we would like to take a brief look back at this year’s migration progress.

Lots of things have changed since we managed to complete the migration of the first institutes by moving them, one by one, from eDoc to PubMan in a long and sometimes improvised process.
Some of you may have noticed that we have already adapted this process and we now have fixed time slots reserved for the simultaneous migration of several institutes.

In 2011, there were three of those time slots and so we were able to significantly increase the number of institutes working on PubMan. Having only three MPIs at the beginning of 2011, we now can proudly present no less than eighteen institutes that have successfully completed their data migration.

And here are this year’s new PubMan users:

* MPI for Biophysical Chemistry
* Fritz-Haber-Institute
* MPI for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences
* MPI for Comparative and International Private Law
* MPI for Intellectual Property, Competition and Tax Law
(successor institutes: MPI for Tax Law and Public Finance, MPI for Intellectual Property and Competition Law)
* MPI for Social Anthropology
* MPI for Astrophysics
* MPI for Extraterrestrial Physics
* MPI for Nuclear Physics
* MPI for European Legal History (Data not yet released)
* MPI for Meteorology
* MPI for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity (Data not yet released)
* MPI of Neurobiology
* MPI for Plant Breeding Research
* MPI for the Study of Societies (Data not yet released)

A huge thank you goes to all of the colleagues at the institutes who invested plenty of time and effort during the migration process.

Once again: Welcome to the PubMan community!