New PubMan Release 6.2

We are happy to inform you that PubMan is up and running again. We have released a brand new version of PubMan. Here are some of the features and improvements the new release contains:

* Yearbook on PubMan: By implementing a new workspace, a new validation schema, a new export format, as well as new user roles it is now possible to manage the MPS Yearbook via PubMan. Here you will get all important information how to create the yearbook on PubMan.

* There were a lot of new features required for the Language Description Heritage project. And we are sure they might also be interesting for many of our other productive users: Especially for the search options on PubMan there are a lot of new things to marvel at. Via our advanced search it is now possible to search within specific contexts. If you are searching within full texts you can now jump directly to the searched phrases within the pdf. Furthermore we implemented the possibility for an autosuggest for ISO 639-3 languages; and of course it is also possible to browse by them.

* We re-introduced the autosuggest for dates. They can now be entered again in the various well-known creative ways :)

* On each full item view you can now find the citation (so far in APA) of the respective publication. We thought such a “business card” would be a good way of displaying the most important information of a publication clearly visible directly below the title.

* We enabled superscript and subscript for titles and alternative titles. HTML tags like “NH<sub>3</sub>” or “D<sup>2</sup>O” are now displayed and also exported in the right manner.

* We now have two more types of identifiers which can be provided for submission: SSRN and BibTeX Citekey

* By popular request „withdrawn“ is now called „discarded“.

* Choosing the APA citation for your publications all authors will now by displayed.

* The list of all attached files is no longer arbitrary sorted. It will now be automatically sorted by creation date.

In the course of the preparations for the new release there were also some known bugs to fix. To give a few examples, it is now possible to send an item back for rework also when it once has been released. In the submission we had the problem that the identifier field was missing in case you want to enter a second source – this problem is now solved. We did some adaption for the RSS feed on PubMan start page. We now have an exact search for files and locators separately from each another. Furthermore there was a small revision for the page flow needed when an item has been sent back for rework and has to be deleted afterwards. Also the breadcrumb navigation was adapted at several points.

All in all 7 new features and 32 improvements have been implemented for the new release. In addition to that we fixed 41 bugs.

We are sorry that we had to have that little downtime for releasing the new PubMan version, but we are sure waiting for it did finally paid off.

In course of the rework for the new release we have to do a complete re-index of all released items on PubMan. We will start the re-index on upcoming Friday February 18th in the afternoon. We assume that the re-indexing will last until including Tuesday February 22nd. Submissions should not be affected by that procedure, but there won’t be a proper search until the re-indexing will be finished.

Enjoy working with PubMan or testing on our demo server!