Thou shalt bear the name “6.2.8”

Fortunately, we managed to implement the announced bugfix release for PubMan 6.2 just in time.

The version number thus has climbed up to 6.2.8.

Though the main purpose of this run was the elimination of a number of known bugs and problems, we also included some tiny improvements for our users:

* Users now have the opportunity to search directly for CoNE authors. Therefore, we have autosuggest lists in the specific field within the advanced search.

Organizational units are also chosen from such lists.

Please note that any search using an entry from an autosuggest list is performed through the concrete ID of the selected entity.

If you want to search in a “classical” manner, you just need to ignore those lists and type in the string you would like to search for.

* We also addressed a problem that is caused by a standard configuration of the Firefox browser.

Trying to open large PDF files (roundabout 25 MB and larger) within the browser, Firefox delivers a confusing error message, claiming that the file would be damaged. Because the root of this issue lies within the standard configuration of Firefox, we are not able to entirely solve it from our side.

In order to support our users in dealing with those large PDFs anyway, we implemented two different buttons as access options to the desired full text.

The “View” button engages the known process of opening the file within your browser. Large PDFs will still cause the mentioned error at this point.

In addition, you are now offered a “Download” button. Here you have the opportunity to download the file to your computer or open it with your local PDF viewer. This option will be working in any case.

Moving the mouse pointer over one of the two buttons, the user receives a short text that informs him about this known problem of the Firefox browser.

* Due to several requests from our institutes, we changed the default sorting criteria for search results back to “last modification date”.

* We have the new date types “start of event” and “end of event” within the advanced search.

* Titles or abstracts using the HTML-tags “<sub>” or  “<sup>” are being re-indexed for the search, so you will be able to find all items containing “H<sub>2</sub>O”, when you search for “H2O”.