New Bugfix Release 6.3

We took the opportunity of the past downtime to deploy the latest version of PubMan on our productive server. The Bugfix Release PubMan 6.3 includes some minor innovations, which we’d happily like to draw attention to.

We managed to fix several problems that occurred within some of the latest generations of browsers (e.g. Firefox 4/5, Internet Explorer 9):
* The CoNE autosuggest lists should now be working reliably in the submission mask as well as in the advanced search.
* Recently, the details within the import workspace can be accessed using the latest Firefox versions.
* The dropdown field for collections within the advanced search used to be cut up in Internet Explorer. This problem has been solved as well.

There are two modifications within the detailed search mask:
* Users now can search for all of their items that have a file attached and for all items that are fitted with a locator. Previously, we only had the option to select all items with a file or a locator, or all items with a file but without any locator.
* The dropdown field for collection searches right on top of the mask caused some irritations. Because of that, we moved this field to the bottom of the page. Above that, it is now possible to duplicate this field for simultaneous searches within several collections.

“Meeting Abstract” is a new genre that has been urgently required by the MPI CBS.

Identifiers in the dropdown list of the submission mask are now arranged alphabetically.

The preselected creator role for organizations now is „editor“.

We integrated a „cancel“ button in the easy submission. This should provide a more comfortable opportunity to abort the submission process.

Due to several requests, we changed the appearance of the affiliations within the CoNE researcher portfolio. As long as the user isn’t logged in or the affiliations don’t have specific date informations, all existing organizations will simply be listed as „position“. Otherwise, there will be a distinction between „former“ and „current position“.