Further information about the SAN storage problems at the end of July

On Tuesday, 21st of July 2009 around 12 o’clock an error in the so called „Fabric“ at the hosting-site of our hosting-partner GWDG happend. The „Fabric“ is the part of the SAN (Storage Area Network) that connect the SAN with the actual servers. When we decided for the hardware to be aquired for the production environment of PubMan we deliberately chose the SAN for storage because a SAN is one of the most secure ways to store data, because it’s eliminating most single points of failure.
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PubMan unfortunaltely down again

Due to server problems (SAN storage) at our hosting partner, we had to decide again on a downtime for PubMan.

http://pubman.mpdl.mpg.de/pubman/ is not reachable since 11:00 a.m. We are aware of the critical situation especially for the colleagues, who depend on the data for the website. We are currently trying to reach someone responsible at our hosting partner for trouble shooting, but it seems we will have to wait for Monday.

We are really sorry, we do our best to find a solution. You’ll get informed as soon as the problems are fixed.

PubMan "Schnupperkurs", 9.6.2009 in Hamburg

On June 9th, a PubMan „Schnupperkurs“ for several librarians of the Max Planck Society (MPS) took place in Hamburg. The aim of the workshop was, that the participants get a first impression on PubMan. At the beginning of the four-hour-workshop we discussed extensively; about PubMan in general. After a break, the participants could test all PubMan features on their own.
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New videos out on PubMan user workspaces

The workspaces in PubMan serve as a kind of role specific desktop. Dependant on the role you have in the system you will have either a depositor workspace (my items) or a quality assurance workspace (QA workspace), where you can find „your items“.

Where as in the depositor workspace (my items) you find all items, that have been created by you, you will find in the QA workspace all items you are responsible for as moderator. Please have a look at one or both films in order to get an idea on the advantages and usage of a workspace.
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New videos out on how to submit publications to PubMan

PubMan gives several possibilities to submit publications to PubMan. In the following two easy submission methods are being explained.

Easy manual submission
Please change into the full screen mode or use this link: http://colab.mpdl.mpg.de/mediawiki/images/8/8a/Esam_start.swf

Import/Fetch from Source
Please change into the full screen mode or use this link: http://colab.mpdl.mpg.de/mediawiki/images/c/c4/Esam_import.swf