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The Return of Test-PubMan

After eons of sleep, our PubMan Test Server finally is back and fully operational again.

This environment is supposed to be a sandbox where all interested people are welcome to take a closer look at the system and to try their hands at the various features and functionalities of PubMan.
As we have deployed the latest software version (6.2.8), the test server of course can also be used for demonstration or training activities.
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PubMan on the CARPET catalogue

PubMan is now included in the CARPET catalogue of  electronic publishing software tools and services.

To support the efficient use of electronic tools and services for scientific publishing, the CARPET Project is building an information platform including a catalogue, as well as an ePublishing community,  to bring together developers, providers and users of ePublishing tools and services.

So, if this awoke your interest, feel free to visit the PubMan entry on CARPET, browse the catalogue for further useful tools or services, or even join the CARPET community!

CARPET homepage

Where PubMan lives

… did you know that the PubMan you know ( is not the only one of its kind?
Currently the MPG PubMan has three more siblings:

National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS), Tsukuba, Japan
Screen shot of the PubMan installation at NIMS

Geo-Forschungs-Zentrum (GFZ), Potsdam, Germany
Screen shot of the PubMan installation at GFZ

PEER Project Installation (
Screen shot of the PubMan installation for the PEER project

And we can benefit from all these other installations by
… getting feedback on experiences in using/installing PubMan
… hints on existing bugs
… ideas for new features
… and manpower for further development.

Additionally we get more and more feedback on our mailing lists from people who are currently installing PubMan for evaluation.

Browser compatibility and accessibility of PubMan

Please keep in mind always to use a browser version which is up-to-date. It’s release date should never date back more than 5 years (at least). Besides security aspects a current browser provides the ease of use modern web interfaces provide.

Due to the implementation of the underlying system older browsers may not support the browser back button properly (IE6) and Java Script is mandatory to run PubMan.

For browser compatibility and accessibility of user interfaces built by the user interface engineering team, please visit:

  • CoLab Page on Browser compatibility and accessibility of the PubMan user interface
  • CoLab page on GUI accessibility