PubMan R3.8

As very first entry of the PubMan news blog I would like to announce the R3.8 of PubMan, which will be available from 5. November 2008 (Start of the PubMan Days) on.

Highlights of the release:

  • BibTeX Export
  • fetch metadata and full text from arXiv
  • copy and paste authors
  • single item export
  • export from workspace

more about…

… BibTeX Export
One can now export or send per mail BibTeX records. New Export formats will follow soon :-).

… fetch metadata and full text from arXiv
One can now also get the full text from arXiv when fetching a reference from arXiv. You can choose between fetching all available formats or only the pdf file.

… copy and paste authors
It is now possible to copy authors from electronic articles and paste them into an author field in PubMan. If you then click on „add authors“ they are all filled into the respective creator field.

… single item export
You can now directly export items from the full item view.

… export from workspace
We have enabled the export in the workspace now. So that you can have a look on how the citation of your item will look like.

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