PubMan Bug Fix R5

Today we have released the Bug Fix Release for PubMan R5 on the live server and the demo server.
The main fixes are:

  • improvements of multiple import issues, e.g.:
    • precise list refreshment
    • due to the new eDoc export format „eDoc2PubMan“ it’s now possible to import multiple eDoc entries for testing purposes as well as for publication on PubMan live server (please be aware that the default Organizational Unit for these imported entries is “Max Planck Society”; the precise MPS department has to be selected manually)
    • adjustment for multiple RIS, EndNote and WoS mapping
    • no unstyled PubMan anymore if one enters PubMan for the first time after a new release
    • no validation error anymore because of slashes in filenames
    • users with more than two contexts are now able to do an import

Enjoy testing on our demo server!