PubMan and Browsers

PubMan tries to support all commonly used browsers. A detailed list of supported browsers can be found in CoLab.

There are some things one should be aware of when using PubMan and also Browsers…

  • Concerning the usage of PubMan we would strongly recommend using only one browser and one browser tab during a PubMan session, as there might occur synchronization problems. We anyways try to make PubMan very easy and handy to use, so that you don’t think of using another browser or tab at the same time.
  • Concerning the usage of Firefox together with PubMan, we would like to mention, that you might have problems to upload certain document types to PubMan during the submission. This is due to the mimeTypes folder within Firefox. If this folder contains entries you might have, as mentioned before, problems to upload certain document types. You have two possibilities to solve that problem.
  1. Delete the content of the mimeTypes folder in Firefox (can be found under: ProfilesApplication DataMozillaFirefox/Profile)
  2. Modify the entries within the mimeTypes folder by deleting the “x”, e.g. change from application/x-pdf to application/pdf