PubMan "Schnupperkurs", 9.6.2009 in Hamburg

On June 9th, a PubMan „Schnupperkurs“ for several librarians of the Max Planck Society (MPS) took place in Hamburg. The aim of the workshop was, that the participants get a first impression on PubMan. At the beginning of the four-hour-workshop we discussed extensively; about PubMan in general. After a break, the participants could test all PubMan features on their own.
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New videos out on PubMan user workspaces

The workspaces in PubMan serve as a kind of role specific desktop. Dependant on the role you have in the system you will have either a depositor workspace (my items) or a quality assurance workspace (QA workspace), where you can find „your items“.

Where as in the depositor workspace (my items) you find all items, that have been created by you, you will find in the QA workspace all items you are responsible for as moderator. Please have a look at one or both films in order to get an idea on the advantages and usage of a workspace.
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New videos out on how to submit publications to PubMan

PubMan gives several possibilities to submit publications to PubMan. In the following two easy submission methods are being explained.

Easy manual submission
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Import/Fetch from Source
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PubMan Days 2009

MPI for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig, 16th of February 2009

Here you can find the agenda of the PubMan Days 2008. All shown presentations are linked there.

The PubMan Days in autumn 2008 were a great success. Thus in 2009 there are planned two further big PubMan Meetings. With the kind support of Marion Schmidt, the first Pubman Days 2009 should take place at the MPI CBS in Leipzig. It was again a large get-together of people all dealing in a more or less intensive way with PubMan. Marion Schmidt, head of the library of the MPI CBS, wrote a report about the PubMan Days in Leipzig. We say thank you for the report and for organizing the first Pubman Days in 2009 at your institute!
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PubMan R4.1

We are happy to announce release 4.1. of PubMan.

New main features:

  • complete redesign of the user interface
    (see blog entry PubMan Days 2008)
  • Support for a genre-type specific submission mask
  • simple copy&paste of authors and affiliations
  • own service for creation and management of controlled entities
    (persons, journal names, languages), incl. autosuggest in
    entry mask
  • Integration of DDC as autosuggest for subjects in the submission mask
  • Visualisation of statistics
  • improved list views (table view)
  • improved workspaces (My items, QA Workspace)
  • Basket function (for a user session)
  • Provision of „local tags“ per item, for better re-use on websites
  • Researcher Portfolio
  • Extension of fetch Metadata (arXiv, PubMed Central, eSciDoc)
  • Support for import of BibTex
  • new citation style AJP
  • re-worked APA
  • improved advanced search
  • first migration from eDoc to PubMan
    (data from MPI Psycholinguistics)
  • Introduction of eSciDoc interface components
  • no „page jumps“ anylonger

Enjoy testing on demo server!

R 3.8.5

Today we have published a new version of PubMan on the live server and the demo server. The new version contains bug fixes and a new feature for the search and export service (formerly known as search and output service).

… more about the new feature for the search and export service

it is now possible to give a sort key in the search in output service, so that the exported items are sorted e.g. by date. A list of the sort keys can be found here.
And here an example on how to use the sort key.