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PubMan Training in Goettingen – 18th of august 2009

Andrea Seesko held another PubMan Training, this time in Goettingen, MPI for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity. Rike and me joined the training, to provide support for the more technical oriented questions.

Presenting and training on the new released PubMan Version 5.0. was an overall experience, and yes…we detected some (minor) bugs;-).
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PubMan "Schnupperkurs", 9.6.2009 in Hamburg

On June 9th, a PubMan „Schnupperkurs“ for several librarians of the Max Planck Society (MPS) took place in Hamburg. The aim of the workshop was, that the participants get a first impression on PubMan. At the beginning of the four-hour-workshop we discussed extensively; about PubMan in general. After a break, the participants could test all PubMan features on their own.
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PubMan Days 2009

MPI for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig, 16th of February 2009

Here you can find the agenda of the PubMan Days 2008. All shown presentations are linked there.

The PubMan Days in autumn 2008 were a great success. Thus in 2009 there are planned two further big PubMan Meetings. With the kind support of Marion Schmidt, the first Pubman Days 2009 should take place at the MPI CBS in Leipzig. It was again a large get-together of people all dealing in a more or less intensive way with PubMan. Marion Schmidt, head of the library of the MPI CBS, wrote a report about the PubMan Days in Leipzig. We say thank you for the report and for organizing the first Pubman Days in 2009 at your institute!
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